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College Student

This award is given by the Michigan Council for Exceptional Children to honor an extraordinary undergraduate student who is a current member of CEC.

The candidate:

  • Must be currently a member of CEC and attending school as a full-time undergraduate student.
  • Should have shown outstanding personal qualities through commendable service at the undergraduate level.
  • Should be considered a role model for fellow students.
  • Should have completed a variety of services on behalf of students with exceptionalities.

Electronic Form for 2022 College Student of the Year are due December 17, 2021

2020 College Student of the Year

Amy Hoch

Amy Hoch, Central Michigan University

Amy Hoch is a student at Central Michigan University, majoring in Special Education (focusing in Cognitive Impairment K-12 and English 6-12). She has received several academic honors.

Amy has been involved in many organizations that have allowed her to utilize her special education background to excel students and those with disabilities in reading, math, and many other subjects. Her diversity in education has been furthered as a substitute teacher in a variety of settings.

Her work ethic extends far beyond the classroom, as she assists individuals with disabilities throughout the campus and community. For example, she volunteers in after-school programs and is a caregiver for a high school student with cerebral palsy and autism. In addition, she serves as a family mentor during new student orientation and supports her fellow classmates. She is an active member of Leadership Safari, St. Jude up till dawn, Kappa Delta Pi, CMU SCEC, and the CMU Honors Program.

Amy demonstrates compassion, drive, determination, teamwork, and exceptional abilities to relate to students and families. Her work ethic sets the highest standard and she has the capacity to be a great leader in the field of education.

Last Updated:  21 October, 2020

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