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MCEC Students

General Information


Use this website to learn about all of the upcoming Council for Exceptional Children Student Chapter and Michigan CEC events and activities offered throughout the year! This website is all about STUDENTS and their contributions to CEC and the education of exceptional children! Help us to make this website great… send your schools’ upcoming news and events to Kassey Kytola.


Important Events

Michigan CEC Annual Conference:  The 81st Annual MCEC Conference will take place virtually on March 3 - March 5, 2021. The conference features four Wednesday workshops, the state-of-the-state address with the Office of Special Education Director, Teri Rink, and nationally recognized keynote speaker, Jamie Almanzán. There will be breakout sessions on Thursday and Friday of the conference with a special student strand for both days.

The Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education, assists Michigan CEC in providing a student stipend which allows full time, undergraduate students to attend the MCEC Conference at a HIGHLY discounted rate! ALL college students are eligible!

Reduced rates for all full time undergraduate AND graduate students (prices are subject to change):

  • All three days: $45
  • Thursday and Friday (1 or 2 days): $20
  • Wednesday only: $25

Student Stipend information is available for all undergraduate students attending a Michigan college or university.  Stipend provides a reimbursement for conference registration and, as needed, assistance with travel and lodging expenses. This is available through a grant for undergraduate students only.  For more information visit to the Student section for the 81st Annual MCEC Conference website.


Mark your calendars for the 2021 MCEC Conference that will be held March 3-5, 2021!

Young woman learning on computer and taking notes

National CEC Convention and Expo, March 8-13, 2021

CEC-S Goals for 2020-2021
1. As a CEC-S Board, our goal is to increase attendance and membership of students at the State Conference and provide a high quality, research based presentation.
2. As a CEC-S Board, our goal is to make sure that the State Conference is a valuable experience, and is run as smoothly as possible, for our fellow students.
3. As a CEC-S Board, our goal is to provide students with further opportunities for statewide involvement.


Last Updated:  11 December, 2020

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