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CEC-S Membership

In the State of Michigan, the Michigan CEC offers to help new student members become CEC members. They help by paying $42 of your first year’s dues!! That means you only have to pay $10 to become a member. Michigan CEC is the only state that does this. They want students to get involved!

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Here is how it works...

In order to receive this offer all NEW members must fill out the membership application, and send it, along with $10, (checks payable to MCEC) to Ann Walton, MCEC Executive Director. Reminder: this offer is for new student members only!


Ann Walton, MCEC Executive Director
14836 A Drive North
Marshall, MI 49068. 

*Since the application has to be sent to Michigan CEC, and then forwarded to National CEC, it sometimes takes a little while to get processed. Expect to wait a couple months until you receive your membership card. If you want to check on your application, call the National CEC hotline at 1-888-232-7733. They usually can answer any questions you have. If you experience any difficulties please contact Ann Walton at


Top Ten Reasons to become a CEC Member!

10... Keep up-to-date on special education issues, trends, and findings
9... Save big bucks
8... Network, network, network
7... Increase your professional profile
6... Add to your expertise
5... Get the resources you need at a price you can afford
4... Add new leadership skills to your resume
3... Vote for the leadership to represent your profession
2... Influence the profession

Last Updated:  11 December, 2020

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