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Communication & Membership

Communications and Membership Committee Members
Mary Bradley
Mary Bradley, Chairperson (Communications)
Nichole Zimmerman
Nichole Zimmerman, Chairperson (Membership)
Sue Caudell
Ashley Hollenbeck
Joni Vernia-Hyland
Heather Martinez
Katy Pluimer
Denise Smith
Danya Stump
Ann Walton


2020-2021 Strategic Goals

Strategic Priority (SP) Goals
Leverage technology in appropriate ways, as well as ensure consistent branding of MCEC to increase widespread recognition of the organization and ensure up to date information is shared with all members.

Create a MCEC Communications Guide which organizes the communication processes between stakeholder groups.

Develop consistent branding for the organization.

Recruit and build relationships with Parent Advisory Committees across the state to engage and educate parents for increased involvement. MCEC Board Members share information about MCEC at PAC meetings around the state.
Increase technology capacity of the organization to increase social media presence.  Increase presence on electronic and social media as evidenced by increased clicks on the various platforms.
Provide/hold input opportunities in order to understand the needs of members and increase membership.  Complete a needs assessment of our current membership and conference attendees who are not a member.
Seek out special education administrators and building level administrators to gain feedback and support for MCEC membership. 

Increase our membership by informing school administration in the value of membership

Collect necessary data from districts at administrative level to assess knowledge or lack of knowledge about MCEC. 


Last Updated:  19 September, 2022

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