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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Members

Makia Alexander, Chairperson

Precios Armstrong

Joe DeMarsh

Kim Krug
Lydia Moore
Ann Walton

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2022-2023 Strategic Goals


Strategic Priority Goals

Actively dismantle systems of oppression by:

• Advocating for and taking actions to create an environment of equity and inclusion.

• Engaging in practices that are anti-racist, culturally and linguistically responsive, and inclusive of diverse identities and perspectives.

The MCEC DEI Committee will take action to create a culture of equity and inclusion by exploring and identifying critical needs, gaps, and/or areas of focus within the organization by quarterly implicit bias focused on these areas: disability, sexuality, race and age/weight.

The MCEC DEI Committee will read and reflect upon quarterly selected text/podcast/movie identified with the implicit bias test to assist organizations in becoming more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, and will use the information learned to develop recommendations for antiracist and equitable practices appropriate for MCEC.

Ensure up-to date information is shared with all members by:

• Leveraging technology to bring awareness to and provide relevant resources/supports/PD to stakeholders regarding DEI issues (across multiple, intersecting identities).

The MCEC DEI Committee will share monthly selected recommendations for anti-racist and equitable books, podcasts, journals identified to assist organizations, professionals, and community stakeholders in becoming more diverse, equitable, and inclusive in practice via social media.


Last Updated:  10 July, 2023

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