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Legislative Advocacy and Action

Legislative Advocacy and Action Committee Members
Jen DeWaard
Jen DeWaard, Chairperson
Tammy Robinson
Shelley Dickerson
Matt Koekkoek
Concetta Lewis
Heather Martinez
Ann Walton


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2022-2023 Strategic Goals

Strategic Priority Goals
Develop process for identifying external communications and positions
with regard to current legislation and topics relevant to the field of

• Update platform and priorities document.
o Survey membership on legislative
o Strategic recruitment committee members
(teacher, student, parent)
o Amend document for board approval

• Continue process for creating and approving
state level MCEC positions and prioritizing CEC
action alerts
o Review bylaws and suggest changes if
o Review procedures and suggest changes
if needed

• Inform membership of how to become
legislatively active around MCEC issues
o Partner with other professional or related
o New legislative website (national)
o Incorporate guidance/tips into current
communication structure
o Offer an opportunity for membership
relative to legislative issues


Last Updated:  17 November, 2020

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