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Recognition: Honors & Awards

Recognition and Scholarships Committee Members

Cheryl Borowski

Cheryl Borowski, Co-Chairperson


Cheryl Brown

Cheryl Brown Parker, Co-Chairperson



Wendy Minor, Co-Chairperson (Scholarships)


Stephanie Brown
Candi Bush
Renee Cencer
Joe DeMarsh
Matt Koroldon
Kailyn Kroll
Lydia Moore
Katy Pluimer
Denise Smith
Sharon Tonnies
Ann Walton
Mary Wiese
Jim Yanna

2020-2021 Strategic Goals

Strategic Priority Goals
Coordinate social media and technology presence in order to increase membership and participation in all Recognition Committee activities.

Increase social media posts on all platforms (Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram) requesting nominations by highlighting previous award recipients

Invite Legislators of each winner’s respective district/region to attend the conference

Increase awareness and recognition of Camperships via social media and at the annual conference.


Last Updated:  17 November, 2020

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