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Recognition and Scholarships

Recognition and Scholarships Committee Members
Cheryl Borowski
Cheryl Borowski
Wendy Minor
Stephanie Brown
Candi Bush
Renee Cencer
Joe DeMarsh
Kailyn Kroll
Lydia Moore
Katy Pluimer
Denise Smith
Ann Walton
Mary Wiese
Jim Yanna

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2022-2023 Strategic Goals

Strategic Priority Goals

Increase widespread recognition of the organization by:

  • Increasing social media presence.
  • Ensuring consistent branding.
  • Monitoring membership and outreach to ensure we are reaching¬†traditionally marginalized groups.
  • Recruiting and building relationships with community stakeholders (e.g., schools, churches, businesses) across the state to better understand and be responsive to the educational needs and issues concerning their community.

The Recognition and Scholarship Committee will increase the number of nominations in all categories that are representative of more regions across Michigan as measured by receiving at least two candidates per educational region.


Last Updated:  10 July, 2023

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