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Dr. Dawn Gallup Honor Recipient

This award is given to recognize an individual, group, business, agency, or community that has promoted and provided for the enhancement, awareness, or employment of individuals with exceptionalities in order to promote and support their full participation within the community.

Nomination packets for Dr. Dawn Gallup Honor Recipient for 2023 coming soon!


2022 Dr. Dawn Gallup Honor Recipient Award Winner:


Stephanie Brown Boyer - Social Worker - Kalamazoo RESA

Stephanie is a Social Worker at Kalamazoo RESA where she serves as a pillar and strong advocate for all educational stakeholders.  She is a consummate professional with personal traits of approachability that has opened paths of communication that would otherwise be closed in interactions with students and their families.

Her professional character and integrity are unmatched, from her experiences as a START (Statewide Autism and Resources and Training) trainer, participation on the Anti-Bias Anti-Racism (ABAR) leadership team, volunteer with youth in her community, participant on a countywide crisis team, to her collaborations with outside agencies to build connections for families, she has also supported aspiring social workers by acting as a mentor for interns and practicum students from our local university and within our own service agency. 

Stephanie’s ability to provide services to students with Individualized Education Plans and facilitate growth amongst her colleagues, students and their families are exceptional. Her vast experiences make her an invaluable asset as she is able to implement evidence-based systems and practices that align across educational settings, thus creating least restrictive opportunities for students. 

Stephanie’s incredible abilities and skills are truly remarkable, she is a true leader who serves as an ambassador to many.   

Last Updated:  23 May, 2022

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