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Exceptional Parent(s)

This award is given by the Michigan Council for Exceptional Children to honor parents of students with exceptionalities. The Nominee/Candidate:

  • Should have a child that is currently receiving or has received special education services.
  • Should demonstrate outstanding contributions to the growth of their child through effective home/school collaboration.
  • Examples of personal effort should illustrate the benefits of parental support toward achieving quality education for the child with exceptionalities.

Nomination Packets for 2023 Exceptional Parents Coming Soon! 


2022 Exceptional Parents Winner:


Brittany and Jessica Miller, Garfield Elementary, K-2nd MiCI

Brittany and Jessica Miller are the parents of Carver Miller, a student that is in the K-2nd MiCI classroom at Garfield Elementary in Port Huron Area Schools. Carver had a rough start in life until he was fostered and adopted by Brittany and Jessica. Carver has made tremendous growth in every aspect of his life due to the dedication of his parents, Brittany and Jessica. Carver’s parents have worked closely and diligently with the school team to help them understand and provide the best supports for their son. Due to the Millers supporting both Carver and his school team for the last five years, Carver is now in less restrictive classroom.

What really sticks out about these parents is their positive involvement in the team collaboration process. They are happy to assist in any way to support Carver in his educational program. Brittany and Jessica go above and beyond to ensure effective communication between the school and home. Carvers’ parents not only emphasis the importance of his academic success, but they also assist with any life skill development, incorporating them at home. Carver’s continued growth and success at school and home is due in large part to the great commitment of his parents. Through their support of the school, collaboration with professionals and initiative to involve Carver socially, Brittany and Jessica Miller are truly exceptional parents and deserving of this great honor and award.

Last Updated:  23 May, 2022

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