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Teacher of the Year

The MCEC Dr. William C. Morse Teacher of the Year Award recognizes a teacher or related service provider who currently provides direct services to students with exceptionalities. The International CEC Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year is an outstanding member of the profession whose work exemplifies the best in special education teaching. His or her work reflects significant, documented educational success for students, continued professional development, and the highest standards of educational quality. 

2023 Teacher of the Year Nomination Form


2022 Teacher of the Year


Erica Folino, Certified START Coach

Erica Folino has worked with a wide range of students from Kindergarten through 5th grade with significant needs including learning, cognitive, emotional, autism, ADHD, and other impairments.

Erica is a Certified START Coach and has trained many staff to effectively support students with significant disabilities. Erica is a dynamic teacher who exemplifies excellence in education on all standards.

Erica goes above and beyond for students, she purchased an outfit for a student that had a high interest in pilots and planes, modified this student’s work around places so he could complete work that was meaningful for him.

Erica treats each student with great dignity and respect. She creates a positive environment that is very child-oriented and focuses on building positive self-esteem through high standards and well-designed instruction. She is always looking for strategies to help her students succeed and does not stop until she finds something that works. 

Erica has the ability to communicate with and engage families and has created a team environment atmosphere within the workplace and a great colleague.

Last Updated:  23 May, 2022

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